The news of #BoysLockerRoom is taking over the internet, An unfortunate, but a prevalent issue. The issue is regarding an Instagram group made by a bunch of teenagers. They took upon themselves to share pictures of girls around them and sexually disrespecting them in every way possible which includes conversations regarding body shaming them, morphing their pictures, raping them, gangraping them, and whatnot. The issue might look contained to these people but is concerning and to get the facts straight is not contained either. There exist millions of similar groups currently active on different social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. The most apparent question after listening to this news that comes to mind is — why did the issue come out so late when the world has seen movements like #metoo already. The obvious and correct answer to this question can be found in the name itself i.e. Boys LOCKER ROOM. Social media platforms provide a feature of private groups, hence, million of these groups exist easily without their existence known to the outside world. These groups circulate leaked inappropriate pictures and MMS, mostly without the girl’s consent, and the reason could vary from data breach from the device to an act of revenge by the boy after the breakup. Extremists might give a hollow argument that why does the girl agree to be involved in such videos in the first place — the reasons could be very simple — to spice up the sex life or she might be persuaded by the boy to film this intimate scene as a memory for later, but the girl should use her conscience and should not get involved. Agreed, this is clearly a bad judgment on the girl part but we should take into consideration the fact that at that moment both parties trusted each other and a love for each other clearly deflected the girl toward a bad judgment. Not to forget, the video was privately filmed and was meant to be kept private.

Time heals everything, hormones made him do this, move on..huh? — NO. No amount of time can heal these permanent scars of sexual abuse. No, hormones did not make him do this but his sick conscience. No, it is not as easy to move on as said. According to Indian law not only “consent” but the “will” is also required to have legal sexual intercourse. What is the difference? — Successful pursuance by the boy to get the consent is not enough to make him do what he wants to do, it will never be, being a good negotiator does not give you the right to rape someone. Understand the difference — NO means NO.